© Copyright: public domain | DETAILS - Annibale Carracci. The frescoes of the Herrera Chapel / Late 1604, early 1605

Museo Nacional del Prado
Madrid - SPAIN

Annibale Carracci
The frescoes from the Herrera Chapel

" This exhibition, which is benefiting from the sponsorship of the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado and the collaboration of the City Council of Madrid for its showing at the Prado, reunites until June 12, a group of exceptionally important wall paintings (last seen together in 1833) which can be considered the great unknown work in Annibale Carracci’s oeuvre: the surviving frescoes from the chapel of Juan Enríquez de Herrera’s family in the church of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli in Rome. "

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March 08 — June 12, 2022
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